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Today is released the new edition of the work “Habanera trunca” by Leo Brouwer, in 11 strings version, dedicated to Christian Lavernier, expressly studied for La Soñada and its expressive features.

After a close meeting with Christian Lavernier in 2017 in Paris, at the beginning of the project with the 11-string guitar “La Soñada” designed and made by luthier Carlos Gonzalez, Leo Brouwer rethinks the 2012 piece “Habanera trunca” for this new instrument. The Cuban master now takes into consideration the expressive possibilities of the 11 strings and the personality of Christian Lavernier. To the latter, this new version is expressly dedicated.

It is an unexpected gift, an honor to have so much interest from a great master such as Leo Brouwer. Four years ago he saw something in this instrument that I was just beginning to know. Now he gives it a voice.” – C. Lavernier

Habanera Trunca Danzas Rituales y Festivas Vol. 1 
para guitarra (2012) de Leo Brouwer
Versión para guitarra de 11 cuerdas (2021) dedicada a Christian Lavernier

Video licenciado por Leo Brouwer

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