Christian Lavernier
La Soñada
September 23, 2023
11:00 am
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An instrument built in 2017 by luthier Carlos Gonzales, La Soñada brings together the past and future of six-string instruments. The project was presented in Paris in March 2017  and the ”Contemporary Future” new project will be presented in Tokyo the 30th March 2018, with a mix of the purest improvisation with new compositions (World Premiere) created for this instrument and Christian Lavernier by  two great composers (A.Giardino, A. Talmelli,). Compositions by the most esteemed contemporary composers have gradually been added to the project (A. Corghi, N. CampograndeF. ChavianoF. Iannitti, C.Rojac, L. Brouwer, A. Colla, F. Cavallone, A. Solbiati). In June 2019 has been released the album “12 Preludi a Getto d’Inchiostro – 12 Ink-Jets Preludes”. In November of the same year the album Contemporary Future is released by EMA Vinci with the patronage of SIMC and CIDIM. The album obtains the label SIAE – Classici di oggi. The preface of the album is signed by Ennio Morricone. The introduction to the project and to the works is by Azio Corghi and Andrea Talmelli.